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More Space = More Fun

Section One

You know the rules: You have to have a throwable personal flotation device (PFD) on board when you go boating. Are you still using the same disgusting ring buoy that takes up half the boat and hasn’t been cleaned since the boat was new? Or relying on a bulky square cushion that smells like old feet and always gets in the way?

Introducing ThrowRaft: A clean, compact, easy-to-use alternative to the old Type 4 flotation devices.

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Section Two

ThrowRaft is USCG-approved as a Type 4 flotation device, so it’s a legal alternative to ring buoys or square cushions. But ThrowRaft still leaves plenty of room for all the things that make your boating trip FUN!

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ThrowRaft can save you about 28 liters of space over your old ring buoy! With that much space, you can get an extra 72 cans of your favorite cool beverage!

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That smelly old square cushion only takes up less space than the ring buoy, but ThrowRaft can save you even more! Make the most of your trip with the most space on board!

Section Three

ThrowRaft is SAFE and DURABLE.

·        Made in the USA of the highest-quality materials

·        Auto-inflates in the water and can be re-packed and re-armed

·        Highly visible for search-and-rescue operations

·        Can handle the weight of a truck without losing air pressure!

·        Advanced design gets you to safety 2x faster than ring buoys and square cushions

And we’re not the only ones who love ThrowRaft!

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Winner of the 2018 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award for Best Consumer Safety Product

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Section Four

ThrowRaft is made for the way YOU use your boat!

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Saves space in the boatYesNoYes
Easy to throw accurately, even for childrenNoNoYes
Mildew or damp conditions won’t damage flotation abilityNoNoYes
Easy to grab and hold ontoYesNoYes
Bright yellow with reflectors for easy visibility by search and rescueNoNoYes
Compact enough to fit in smaller vessels like kayaks, canoes, and very cramped spacesNoNoYes

Section Five

Troy Faletra, the inventor and founder of ThrowRaft, had a lot of time to think about water safety while he was clawing his way back to shore. He was an experienced fisherman turned yacht captain, but he still found himself stranded nine miles from shore with night closing in on a sinking ship. 16 hours later, he finally managed to tread water and slowly make it to safety, and that harrowing experience inspired him to invent ThrowRaft.

Troy knows that accidents happen. Even the most experienced waterman can face an emergency, and your PFD can be the difference between life and death.

This isn’t just about meeting Coast Guard requirements or checking off the box so you don’t get a ticket. It’s about protecting the safety of your passengers, your family, and yourself, so there’s no time to waste.

Section Six

Before you go out on the water, make sure your Type 4 flotation device is still safe. Foam can break down over time due to mildew, UV radiation, and the other conditions that are common in marine environments. Take your ring buoy or square cushion into the swimming pool and make sure that it still supports your weight.

Safety TestWhy It’s ImportantThrowRaft
Can you and all your passengers throw the PFD accurately? If you can’t throw it to someone who’s gone overboard and have it land where they can reach it, it won’t help anyone.ThrowRaft has a pouch throw handle and a 24Gram CO2 Cylinder Bayonet for maximum accuracy. At only 2.2 pounds, even children can throw it accurately!
Can you and all your passengers grab the PFD and grip it? The fabric or ropes can become worn and slick, so you need to make sure there’s still enough grip on them so you’ll be able to hold them in the water.ThrowRaft has webbing grab straps that are easy to reach for and it’s made of easy-to-grip TPU so it’s always easy to grab and hold. 
Is your PFD visible from the edge of the pool?If your boat goes down and you need rescue, the visibility of your PFD can mean the difference between getting rescued and being left behind.ThrowRaft is made of high-visibility yellow and enhanced with extremely reflective SOLAS tape to make sure your rescuers can see you.
Is your PFD in overall good condition? Check for frayed seams, worn straps, and compressed foam.If it’s worn or damaged, it needs to be replaced. ThrowRaft is made in the USA and subjected to more than 35 intense tests of its durability and ability to perform even in adverse conditions. We’ve run it over with a truck, dropped it from a crane, and strapped explosives to it, just to make sure that it’ll be safe when you need it!

If you can’t throw, grab, and stay atop your Type 4 flotation device in the safety of a swimming pool, you need to replace it before you hit the open water. You should repeat this safety check at the beginning of every season and any time your throwable PFD starts to show any signs of fraying or wear and tear.

Section Seven

When you’re ready to replace your throwable PFD, or if you just want to upgrade to something that’s more convenient and easier to handle, try out ThrowRaft!

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Looking for the perfect gift? If he’s always on the water, give him a ThrowRaft! He’ll love the fact that he has more space for goodies for his boating trip, and you’ll love knowing that he’s coming home safely.

It’s easier to gift-wrap than a new boat and way cooler than another hat!

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