Startup In Transition

Maybe you’re the new guy — the stranger brought in by investors or advisors to turn around an ailing startup. Or maybe your company is experiencing some growing pains and you’re dealing with a major shake-up. However you got here, your company is in a period of transition, and that’s pretty scary.

In the middle of everything else you’re dealing with, I know that marketing is probably pretty far down on your list, but I want to ask you to take a couple of hours to just think about that department for now. Your marketing department is all about communication and connection. It controls how you communicate with the general public and how they perceive your company, and that’s actually really important right now. I know you’re busy and your mind is a thousand different places, but if you can give me a little bit of time, we’ll walk through this one problem together.

Why Marketing Matters Right Now

Your company is facing some changes. Even if those changes are going to make your company stronger, change is scary. And when people don’t have all the information, they tend to make things up. Most of the time, whatever they make up in their mind is way scarier than whatever is actually happening.

Your marketing team is your first point of contact whenever you need to communicate anything, and when things change, you may have a lot to communicate. Your marketing team can help you make sure to keep everyone informed, and they can help you communicate in a way that is reassuring, calming, and comforting. This can help give you the space to make necessary changes.

In politics, they have a somewhat derogatory term for this; they call it a “spin doctor”. It’s someone who takes information and “spins” it. To some extent, that’s similar to what we marketers do every day. But it’s not always a bad thing. We try to present information in the best possible light. This can help you keep your customers, employees, and investors informed, calm, and even happy while your company is undergoing changes that might otherwise upset or concern them.

I know you're busy now, so I'm going to make this easy.

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Re-heading the marketing department

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