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Product Datasheet Templates

August 24, 2018 Writing Portfolio 0

Why You Need to Create Product Datasheet Templates


How do engineers spend their time at work? In a typical 8-hour workday, an engineer could be spending as much as 3 hours and 15 minutes on paperwork, documentation, and meeting with other departments.

How many hours are you chained to the computer trying to create product datasheets when you could be solving problems and creating new things?

If the burden of creating and updating product datasheets falls to you, creating a product datasheet template can help you create brand consistency, save time and effort, and make your datasheets easier for your customers to read and understand.

Product Datasheet Templates Create Brand Consistency

Using a product datasheet template helps to create consistency throughout your entire brand. This is very important when multiple product managers, sales managers, and engineers might otherwise take it upon themselves to create their own versions.

A 2012 study by Forbes showed that B2B buyers in the United States, Germany, and India found a company’s brand more important in their buying decision than the sales process. Your customers are trying to get acquainted with your brand, and branding your product datasheets consistently helps prospects develop familiarity with and fondness for your company.

Your product datasheet template helps you with consistent branding. In addition to having a consistent logo design and placement, the colors and formats you select should be consistent across all product lines.

Easy for You

Creating and storing product datasheet templates makes datasheet creation easier and faster for you, and it makes it easier for you to delegate the task to others. When your template is properly designed, completing the datasheet is a simple matter of filling in the blanks.

Easy for Customers

The greatest benefit to using product datasheet templates is that it makes it easy for the customers to find the information they’re seeking. A customer who’s looking at product datasheets is looking to verify specific pieces of information. For example, they may be looking to determine whether the new device is compatible with their existing infrastructure. Or they may be looking to see if your product has a specific feature.

When they look at your product datasheets, they want to find specific information quickly. If the datasheet is designed in a way that makes it fast for them to find the information they’re seeking, they’ll be happier prospects and more likely to make a purchase.

When you’re using a product datasheet template, you’re ensuring that every product datasheet you create has the same information in the same format. For example, if your customer wants a coating that cures quickly, they can compare multiple datasheets for your different product lines to find the fastest cure times. Since the information is in the same place on each product datasheet, it’s quick and easy for them to find the right product.

When you make it easy for your customers, they’re more likely to buy. You’re also making it easier on your sales staff by helping provide the customer with necessary information to make a buying decision. This reduces the time spent and the strain incurred by your sales team, allowing them to service more customers and make more sales.

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