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Mortgage House, Advantage Fixed Rate Home Loans Landing Page (Body Copy)

This piece for Mortgage House is the copy of a landing page. My goal was to increase conversions (requests for information) on this page, which we did. The new landing page (which included my copy and a new design) increased conversions for this page by about 80%.

At Mortgage House, we know that everybody needs a little cash once in awhile.


If you’re looking for cash for your next holiday, home improvements, or just to help you pay for something important, you may qualify for a one-year fixed-rate Advantage home loan.

But what’s this home loan all about?

Convenience and Quality

With most traditional lenders, you have to choose between convenience and quality. Great convenience comes with higher interest rates and fees.

Mortgage House is different. Our Advantage home loans offer you some of your favorite home loan features at rates that are usually significantly lower than our competition.

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  • 100% Offset Account
  • Redraws available from more than 2,000 ATMS and online
  • BPay(c) service and direct salary crediting
  • Unlimited free repayments
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Outstanding customer service and personalized attention


What’s the Catch?

There is none. Why?

Mortgage House is different from your local bank. We’re a non-bank lender and brokerage.

We believe that our customers are more than just a credit score, so we’ll work with you personally to help you get the loan you need.

We want to help you get the right home loan for your unique situation. You’re more than a credit score to us; you’re a friend, a neighbor, and a client.


Advantage 1-year Fixed-Rate Home Loan

The Advantage 1-year Fixed-rate home loan has interest rates as low as 4.54% (4.69% Comparison Rate).

Because the rate is fixed, you know that your interest rates and payments aren’t going to change throughout the life of your loan.

Why Mortgage House?

For short-term loans, it’s important that you have great service and all the features you need.

Advantage home loans offer better features and convenience than anyone else!

  Mortgage House CBA NAB Westpac ANZ St George Rams
Cash redraws from over 2000 ATMs Yes No No No No No No
Progressive 100% offset Yes No No No Yes No No
Internet redraws & deposits Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
Toggle Offset Facility Yes No No No No No No
EFTs (electronic funds transfers) Yes No No No Yes No No
Free Fixed rate lock Yes No No No No No No
Phone redraws Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
BPay(c) in Yes No No No Yes No No
BPay(c) out Yes No No No Yes No No
Direct salary crediting Yes No No No Yes No No
Scheduled payment service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited free repayments Yes No No No No No No
Fixed rate construction loan Yes No No Yes No No Yes
No Monthly/Annual Fees Yes No No No No No No
Direct debit accounts Yes No No No No No No
No penalty for unlimited substantial repayments Yes No No No No No No