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Now Interact: Omnichannel Intelligence

This is more of a medium-form sales letter, but it demonstrates a strong understanding of highly technical concepts that require careful explanation into everyday laymen’s terms. 

Welcome to a Smarter Customer Experience

A Smarter Way to Interact

Now Interact uses predictive intelligence to help you make more sales. We allow you to integrate online and offline customer journeys to increase conversions and make your customers happier. No matter what channels you use, our artificial intelligence platform allows you to provide your customers with a seamless, perfectly tailored experience.

A Smarter Way to Help Customers

  • Increase customer conversion rates
  • Boost sales
  • Improve customer service outcomes
  • Share data efficiently between online and offline channels
  • Personalize customer communication channels
  • Reduce unnecessary call volume
  • Empower agents to provide better service and support
  • Enhance customer experience

A Smarter Way to Integrate

In today’s integrated world, customers communicate with companies online and offline. It’s crucial for your brand to deliver a smooth and seamless experience for customers when they transition from one channel to another. Now Interact’s predictive intelligence technology makes this easy.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence is the smart way to integrate your channels, because it has the ability to learn from experience. Your website visitors’ digital footprint and behavior allows Now Interact to personalize real-time customer support and sales to decrease cart abandonment and increase sales. If those same customers call your call center or stop in your retail store, we can help you integrate those connections into your customer experience.

A human salesperson could do all of this, but they might not be able to remember everything. Artificial intelligence and machine learning allows us to create software with the capacity to analyze, reason, and improve performance.

Rather than using rigid programming rules, we’re able to combine offline and online customer touch-points. Our algorithms are more than three times more effective than outdated rule-based business intelligence.

Using a third-party contact channel solution? No problem! Now Interact is platform agnostic and integrates with your existing infrastructure with minimal disruption or interference.

Integrating the customer experience across channels requires real-time data and information about what your visitors are thinking. Now Interact gives you access to this information and opens the gateway to true omnichannel success.

A Smarter Technology Suite

Omnichannel Insights

You can’t make a good choice without the right data. Now Interact’s in-depth data gathering and sophisticated analytics help to increase efficiency and collaboration between sales and service. Our omnichannel insights technology provides the information to help you reach your business goals faster.

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Personalized Contact Channels

Once you have the data you need, you can use it to personalize the customer experience. Our personalized contact channels ensure your visitors have the contacts that most closely meet their needs, as well as optimizing for your company’s priorities and contact center capacity. When you speak to your customers where they are, you can reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

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Our agent-facing platform delivers a complete customer experience view for advisors in the contact center. SiteVision allows contact center agents to see the caller’s online journey during their call. Agents get information about the caller’s behavior and areas of interest, and the agent can even send links or other content directly to their browser.

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