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    Same-Sex Marriage

      Note: When I was asked to write this as a piece of content, it was with virtually no instruction. There was no research or guidance presented to me, and this was prior to the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage throughout the United States. It’s an excellent example of a heavily researched piece […]

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    Business Garage Insurance

    Business Garage Insurance How does insurance help my business garage? Whether your garage is a small shop or a large specialty garage, it’s important to make sure that you’re properly insured. All the usual insurance policies like liability and building insurance are necessary, but a business garage may want to consider some additional policies to […]

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    Ultimate Guide to Geo-Specific Content White Paper Excerpts

    The Ultimate Guide to Geographic Specific Content While some businesses market their products and services globally, many businesses market only to clients or customers in a specific geographic area. Restaurants, hotels, and brick-and-mortar shops all serve a local clientele. If a customer in Seattle wants sushi, they look for sushi restaurants in Seattle, not for […]

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    Internet Marketing Ebook Excerpt

    Zazziq was a company that provided digital marketing support (web design, blogging, newsletters, etc.) to self-employed online businesses that worked in the metaphysical niche. Most of Zazziq’s clients were psychic readers. Zazziq put out this book about marketing for spiritual professionals. This excerpt is the Internet Marketing chapter. Internet Marketing Now that you have a […]

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    Eating Disorder Ebook Excerpt

    Excerpt from Eating Disorders eBook This book was written for an Eating Disorder treatment center as a lead magnet. It required exceptional research skills, but the primary focus of this piece was on examining the online communities of ED sufferers. This is one excerpt of a larger book. Eating disorder sufferers are painted by the […]

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    Planes Dental Arts Welcome Letter

    Cosmetic Dentistry in Vero Beach Dr. Alex A. Planes is your number one choice for cosmetic dentistry and wedding dentistry in Vero Beach. Planes Dental Arts can help you look and feel your best. A Smile You Can Be Proud Of Dr. Planes works with each patient, and can offer general dentistry or family dentistry […]

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    Mortgage House, Advantage Fixed Rate Mortgage Landing Page

    At Mortgage House, we know that everybody needs a little cash once in awhile. If you’re looking for cash for your next holiday, home improvements, or just to help you pay for something important, you may qualify for a one-year fixed-rate Advantage home loan. But what’s this home loan all about? Convenience and Quality With […]

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    Keto Webinar Landing Page

    [Hero] “Let your food be thy medicine…” Hippocrates A healthy lifestyle begins with the right food. [[I want to learn more!]] [New Section] [H2]Better Food Faster[/H2] The average American woman spends almost an hour a day preparing meals, and people who are cooking for special diets often spend significantly longer. Is there no way to […]

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    Biofeedback and Migraines

    For people who’ve never had a migraine before, it’s easy to dismiss migraines as “just a really strong headache”. But for those who’ve had a migraine, it’s easy to see that a migraine is different. But despite the misunderstandings surrounding migraines, they’re not uncommon; The American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention (AMPP) Study revealed that 12% […]

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    Completely Safe Lice Treatment for Kids

    Completely Safe Lice Treatment for Kids So, you got the dreaded call… “Can you come and collect your child from school? We have found headlice.” This is always such a tricky position for any parent. You need to be at work, but your child can’t be at school. You’re also anxious about the possibility of […]

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    Mortgage House Email

    Subject: Is Commonwealth Bank frustrating you? Is your mortgage making you unhappy? Are you unhappy with Commonwealth Bank? Read on. Unhappy with your Commonwealth Bank mortgage? Dear <Name> Frustrated with trying to look up your mortgage online? Frustrated with computer outages? Frustrated with poor customer service when talking to a banker? It’s not you – […]

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    Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts

    An American man who makes it to the age of 65 today can expect to live until the age of 84 or later, and women can expect to live until almost 87. About one of every four of those 65-year-olds will live beyond the age of 90, and one in ten will survive past the […]

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    Emotion in AI Email

    Subject Line: Trusting AI Behind the Wheel With rapid advances in the development of self-driving cars, the question of trust is a key theme. Both humans trusting in AI to make safe and enjoyable driving decisions, but also autonomous AI trusting in human drivers to be alert and engaged and ready to take back control. […]

  • Meals for Alzheimer’s Patients

    We write a lot about preparing meals for seniors that have multiple dietary restrictions, and one of the ways we can do this is by being creative with our ingredients, cooking methods, and recipes. But if someone you love is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, their mental status can create additional difficulties in getting them […]

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    Why it Makes Sense to Publish SDS Sheets Online

    Live page here: https://blog.tdsmaker.com/why-it-makes-sense-to-publish-sds-sheets-online/ TAGS: B2B Manufacturing Content Medium Please follow and like us:

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    Lead Generation Through Account-Based Marketing & Extreme Personalization

    Live article here: https://stratabeat.com/lead-generation-through-account-based-marketing/ TAGS: Content Medium Length B2B Please follow and like us:

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    The Critical Vital Sign You’re Probably Missing

    Live page: https://www.paihealth.com/blog/The-Critical-Vital-Sign-Youre-Probably-Missing.htm CARDIORESPIRATORY FITNESS You probably know your height and weight. You might know your blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature, or blood sugar. But do you know your VO2 max? VO2 max is your body’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption, and it’s used to measure your cardiorespiratory fitness. Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) is so important that the American Heart Association calls […]