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Mortgage House, an Australian home loan lender

This piece for Mortgage House was intended to increase conversions (requests for information about a home loan), which rose by about 80%.

business garage insurance provider

This piece was written for a provider of business garage insurance products and commercial insurance products. How does insurance help my business garage? Whether your garage is a small shop or a large specialty garage, it’s important to make sure that you’re properly insured. All the usual insurance policies like liability and building insurance are …

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cloud-based backup tool

Vertical Page: Backupify This is a vertical page targeting the finance industry for a SaaS cloud backup program. Backupify will help to backup Office 365, Google G Suite, and Salesforce data. The Page //HERO// SaaS Protection for Financial Products & ServicesDon’t waste money paying criminals.Protect your data from ransomware today!| Try it Free | //UVP// …

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Omnichannel Sales Software

Now Interact: Omnichannel Intelligence This is more of a medium-form sales letter, but it demonstrates a strong understanding of highly technical concepts that require careful explanation into everyday laymen’s terms.  Welcome to a Smarter Customer Experience A Smarter Way to Interact Now Interact uses predictive intelligence to help you make more sales. We allow you …

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Juvederm dental clinic

This was a piece written for a dental office about the Juvederm service they offered in addition to their dental services.

Eating disorders can cause obsessive scale-watching

This book was written for an Eating Disorder treatment center as a lead magnet.

PAI Health, an insurtech company

This piece was written as part of an email campaign for an insurtech company. We were able to gather some participant health and demographic data, encourage ongoing physical activity among participants, and inspire better physical health.