New Startup

This page is for those of you with a new startup. In this case, I’m defining a “new” startup as a startup that’s in the Pre-Seed or Seed round. At this stage, you’re still actively courting new investors. You may have an initial prototype and you may even have some alpha or beta users, but you’re still fleshing out a finished flagship product, so you’re probably worrying a lot about your GTM strategy.


You probably have the following goals at this stage in your company:

  • Raise capital
  • Create a great MVP for your first “official” launch
  • Flesh out your GTM strategy

Depending on your company and product, you may not have all of these goals, but these are pretty typical goals to have at this stage.

Here's What We're Going to Cover:

Pre-Product Marketing

Why should you worry about marketing when you don't even have a product yet?

Starting Your Marketing Team

When you're starting your marketing team from scratch, you have a lot of decisions to make.

About Your Brand Image

People will start to judge your brand image, even when your company is new.