Marketing Strategy

Marketing should never be a line-item on your expense budget. Every penny you spend on marketing should be getting you a clear return on your investment. That’s a big ask, isn’t it? And I’m willing to bet that you have a pretty hefty marketing budget that disappears into the ether without much to show for it, so I’m making a pretty bold claim.

The problem is that you don’t have a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s driving your marketing efforts. Or, you have a marketing strategy, but it isn’t actually tied in with revenue-producing activities. 

You Can Always Do More... But Should You?

In marketing, there’s always something more you could be doing. You could always produce more content, buy more ads, and spend more money. No matter how big your marketing budget is, there’s always somebody with a suggestion about a way you could spend more.

But just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Not all of your marketing is going to produce clear, quantifiable returns on investment (ROI). And most of us don’t have an unlimited budget for marketing, so we have to maximize our spending and make the most impact for the least amount of money.

Taking a Shortcut

There are a lot of shortcuts you can take with your marketing. For example, I’m a skilled Growth Hacker. A lot of the work that goes into growth hacking is about doing small, meaningful changes on a short timetable. That can be a useful method for some industries and products, but it won’t work for everyone. So the first step to marketing strategy is knowing when you can take a shortcut and when you can’t.

Sometimes, you’re going to need a marketing strategy that’s more comprehensive – something that will work for long-term marketing plans. You might need to do some SWOT analysis, look at doing some Inbound methodology, or consider using some type of influencer marketing. Every business and every product is different, so you need a marketing strategy that works for you, not one that worked for AirBnB or Google or one of your competitors.

I've Got You Covered

Whether you need a short-term growth-hacking strategy or a long-term Inbound content strategy (or you don’t quite know what you need), I’ve got you covered. I can help you put some numbers to your marketing strategy. Let’s make marketing pay for itself!

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