Growth Startup

This section is for those of you whose startup has some legs but is in a stage of fast growth. In this case, I’m defining a “growing” startup as a startup that’s in the Seed or Series A round and is on the verge of a massive growth period. You may have recently won a decent investment, but there’s a lot of pressure on you to show some massive growth. You’ve probably got an MVP on the market, but you’ve either got to get another round of investment or prepare for IPO/acquisition, so you need some huge growth, and fast! 

Your main areas of focus at this point in your startup journey are likely to be:

  • Customer acquisition & retention
  • Preparing for a new round of investment (optional)
  • Preparing for a liquidity event (IPO or acquisition) (optional)

Nothing can happen without your company showing a massive amount of growth, so everything has to scale up quickly.

Here's What We're Going to Cover:

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Building a growth marketing team

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