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I know you’re busy. I’ve done your job before – founding and leading a startup. It’s brutal. I hated it, and I never want to be in the CEO hot-seat again! (Better you than me!)

I’m better in a supporting role. I want to support you in making your vision a reality. That’s why I’m here. I may use all the fancy words on the rest of this site, but on this page, this is just between you and me. No investors, no business big-wigs – just a couple of startup junkies and serial entrepreneurs talking shop. So let’s talk about marketing.

Unless your startup is specifically centered in the marketing space, this is probably your least favorite thing to talk about. If you’re running a startup in the tech or financial spaces, you’re probably a techie or a numbers whiz. Marketing is kinda touchy-feely. It’s in that weird murky area that’s just not clearly defined and explained. 

I get that.

I’m a marketing gal, but most of my career has been working with tech startups or in very analytical niches like finance or insurtech. If you’re sensing a theme, you’re not wrong. I work with a lot of really analytical, data-minded people – the kind of people that eat binary for breakfast or financial forecasts for lunch.

Obviously, I could type for hours. (It’s literally what I do for a living.) But, after all, you’re busy. So I’m going to split this up and make it a little easier for you. Click the link below that best describes where your startup is positioned right now; that way you can jump right to information that pertains to your startup journey.

New Startup

If your startup is new, your primary focus is to obtain new capital, create a great MVP for your launch, and flesh out your GTM strategy.

Growth Startup

If your startup is on the verge of a massive growth period, this is the page for you. You may have an MVP on the market but you need to grow quickly.

In Transition

Are you the turnaround expert? Or just facing a period of upheaval? When the company is changing, it can be difficult to know how to communicate.

In Crisis

Accidents happen. When your company is in crisis, how you communicate can make the difference between survival and losing it all.