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Avion Blackstone Tweets

August 24, 2018 Writing Portfolio 0

Avion Blackstone – Tweets

Avion Blackstone is an independent pop musician who generally manages her own social media and website presence. She has hired me at times to assist with her social media, digital marketing, and website management. Avion has more than 30,000 Twitter followers and a robust following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

Music is the medicine of the soul. The only wound healer. The only real pain killer.

I love you. Passionately, fiercely, eternally. Because you are worth it. #Aviants

Make this trip around the sun shine brighter and brighter. Make me a star in your firmament. Keep me, a flame in your heart.

Go dazzle them. I want you to be naked, wild, and honest, and brutally kind. Because you’re my blessing, but never my possession.

The more she hated herself for her scars the more I love her for them, as evidence that she had survived.

The music doesn’t happen in the bright lights and the applause. Music is a creature of the darkest, loneliest nights.

You say delicate and temperamental like it’s a bad thing. The most rare and lovely orchids are delicate and temperamental.

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