Your community misses you.

Don't disappear when they need you most.

Lawyers are the Pillars of their Communities

Before the pandemic, attorneys were highly respected and admired as pillars of their communities. They were invited to all the community events and activities and sought out to share their wisdom and knowledge to help their neighbors.

But now, as community groups and activities are cancelled and re-structured, the lawyers are forgotten.

Your community still needs you.

Your wisdom and knowledge hasn't been forgotten. We just need a better way for you to share it.

Give Blogging a Try!

Your Community Has Questions

In the past, someone would bend your ear in line at the bank or ask a quick question at church. But with online banking and video church sermons, there's no chance for those small little encounters, so all those questions are going unanswered

Your Clients Will Make Mistakes

Without the regular conversations, your clients are going to make mistakes. Whether it's a statement to the cops or a signature for the insurance company, if they don't know what NOT to do, their mistakes can make your job a lot harder.

It's Hard to Trust Someone you Never See

Unfortunately, relationships degrade over time. Going for months without seeing or talking to someone can degrade your relationship and make it harder for them to trust you when it really counts. Blogging helps you maintain contact with them.

It Makes it Easy to Share You

The questions you answer through blogging are shareable. It's easy for your friends to share a blog post or social media post with a friend, and this can increase your client list and trust circle significantly. Blogging helps you gain more clients.


Take me to the expert.


Blogging might not sound like the right fit for you and your law practice.

It may sound too complicated.
It may sound too time-consuming.
It may sound like there's not much point in it.
It may sound like a lot of extra work.

Blogging can be customized to fit your needs.

It can be as simple or complex as you need it to be.

It's the foundation of content marketing, and you can add other pieces to it later if you want or just stick with the basics.

Using an expert in legal content writing or legal blogging allows you to blog without doing the work yourself.

So About that Expert?

Where's she at?

A few things to be on the lookout for

Not everybody who says they can write a blog is actually able to write a blog. If you're thinking of hiring out the process, watch out for the following red flags:

Lack of Legal Experience

Legal writing has its own special rules. You have to follow legal and ethical guidelines, and it's not really designed for beginners. You need a blogger with experience doing legal writing.

Agencies or Subcontractors

Agencies or subcontractors may have highly skilled legal writers on staff, but they may farm your work out to less-skilled, less-qualified writers that work for lower-pay and aren't as familiar with legal-specific writing.

Not Based in the United States

From a contractual standpoint, a legal writer that's not based in the United States may not be subject to US laws. Enforcing any contract with an international party will be expensive and complex.

Unclear Contracts or Communication

Many contracts in the content writing industry are boilerplate, and they don't adequately spell out the duties and responsibilities of both parties. Make sure the contract is clear, concise, and well-written.


If you can find a legal content writer you can grow with, that's even better! Bonus points if your legal writer has the following skills or offers additional services:

Graphics and Images

If they can source stock photos (that won't get you in trouble with copyright law!), that's great. They might also be able to do simple social media graphics or other light graphic design.

Email Marketing or Newsletters

Legal content writers may be able to work with you to build, expand, or manage an email marketing list or snail mail newsletter. They may be proficient with autoresponders.

Social Media Management

Many legal content writers can do social media management or create social media content as well, although the extent of their social media expertise will vary.

Website Skills

Some content writers have limited or even advanced website design skills. They may be able to upload blog posts directly to a website or even make small update and revisions to a website.

C'mon. You knew this was coming, right? I'm Holly Antle, and I'm a legal content writer and blogger.