Copywriter Holly Antle

Holly Antle is a sales and marketing copywriter with more than 7 years of experience creating compelling copy in a wide range of formats and industries.

Holly is currently open to the following types of opportunities:

  • Full-time in-house agency copywriting position in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex or the Seattle/Tacoma metro area
  • Full-time remote agency copywriting position
  • Full-time in-house corporate copywriting position in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex or the Seattle/Tacoma metro area, preferably in the legal, financial, healthcare, or insurance industries
  • Contract work as a sales/marketing copywriter, preferably in the legal, financial, healthcare, or insurance industries
  • Project work as a ghostwriter for prestige books, or as an editor/proofreader or publishing adviser

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Copywriting Skills

By the Numbers

 Holly Antle has more than 7 years of copywriting experience, creating online and print material.  Google Analytics
Google AdWords
HubSpot Inbound
HubSpot Email Marketing
 13 published books and eBooks, including books ghostwritten and co-written with other authors

Copywriting & Marketing Skills


Content Writing 100%
Sales Copy 90%
 SEO Writing 90%
   Editing  100%
   Proofreading  100%
   Insurance Writing  90%
   Legal Writing  90%
   Medical Writing  70%
   Alt. Health Writing  100%
   Dental Writing  100%
   MLA Style  90%
   APA Style  80%
   AP Style  80%
   Chicago Style  70%

Marketing Skills

   Email Marketing  90%
   Marketing Strategy  80%
   Marketing Management  70%
   Networking  90%
   Social Media Marketing  80%
   Training  80%

Social Media Marketing

   Facebook  80%
   Twitter  40%
   Pinterest  70%
   Tumblr  50%
   Instagram  20%

Tech Stuff

   HTML/CSS  60%
   PHP  50%
   MySQL  30%
   WordPress  50%
   Joomla  40%
   Drupal  30%


   Google Analytics  90%
   Google AdWords  80%
   HootSuite  90%
   TweetDeck  70%
   BufferApp  80%  80%
   Salesforce  70%
   HubSpot  70%
   AWeber  100%
   MailChimp  100%
   GetResponse  90%
   ConstantContact  90%

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About Holly Antle

MBTI Results

On the N/T and P/J scales, I consistently score pretty squarely in the middle. My I/E differs depending on my mood; when I’m happiest, I’m more extroverted. If I’m anxious, I’m more introverted. My T/F score pretty consistently lands in the thinking side; I do tend to be extremely logical.

Personal Life

I’ve been happily married for about 9 years. My husband (an Army veteran) and I have five children and one grandchild. I’m an Air Force veteran myself.

I’ve been working from home (freelance and/or remote work) for about 7 years now. I’ve loved it! But now my youngest baby is in school, and the same freedom and flexibility that used to be awesome is pretty isolating and lonely. To put it bluntly, I miss working with a team.

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Hobbies & Interests

I think every copywriter is supposed to say that they love drinking coffee and hiking. And dogs.

Well, I have the dog:


I also have a cat:


And sometimes other critters:

I love to garden, but I’m terrible at it.

I do really enjoy cooking and canning, though.


But really, I think that’s mainly because I like to eat. Given the choice between cooking at home and visiting the Tejas de Brasil steakhouse (seriously, if you’re in DFW or OKC, you HAVE to check it out!) where someone else cooks and does the dishes, I’m definitely going to choose the Brazilian steakhouse!

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More About Me!

I know you’re tired of this. So am I. And since I highly doubt anyone is going to scroll down this far, I’m going to take this opportunity to show you more adorable pictures, because cute animals and small children are adorable. 🙂

Sometimes I have a bad day, you know? Like when my websites get hacked… And when I have a bad day… DON’T JUDGE ME! 😉
Ian and Powdered Sugar
The grandson in a mini ball pit (box of pecans)
Mmmmmm! Donuts!!!!!
Prince has defeated the baby!






















IKEA, my favorite place!







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